Thursday, December 3, 2020

Hope everyone is well and making the best of things this Holiday season. Please contact me if you are interested in any of these pieces. I am willing to ship work, meet with local customers masked and by appointment in my studio or elsewhere. I am in the process of finishing a kiln load and will have many new pieces within the next couple weeks. They will be posted here as well! I really missed connecting with you all this year !! Also make sure to check my artist profile and gallery page

 Work available for Sale   December 2020

beetle vase 9"x5" $200.00

view from Jack's $55.00

bird mug $60.00
                                                                       African design mug  $50.00

SOLD two ravens shallow bowl 12"x2" 250.00 

two ravens shallow bowl back

Mimbres inspired dish $150.00 
Mimbres inspired  dish outside


my favorite whiskey/espresso cups $30.00 2 1/2"x 2"

SOLD raven bowl 4 3/4" x3" $50.00

SOLD hummingbird hibiscus tray 14"x 7 3/4' x 1 1/4" $175.00

SOLD small humming bird vase $80.00

blue beetle bowl 4 1/2" x 2 1/2" $40.00